Removable structures

Removable orthodontic device (plate) is a device used by doctors to form the correct bite.

The plates perform such tasks as fixing the teeth in the desired position, preventing the displacement of teeth, changing the shape of the jaw, changing the speed of growth of the jaw.
The plates can’t move the teeth but are designed to hold them in the desired position.

Plates for teeth alignment are used for the correction of malocclusion. Bite defects are diagnosed from childhood and can have some unpleasant consequences:

  • May cause speech defects.
  • Can lead to poor chewing of food and many diseases of the stomach and intestines.
  • Most often, plates are applied for children up to 12 years old, when the jaw is not fully formed yet and it is much easier to correct the bite.

For patients over 12 years of age, braces and retainers are most often used.

Advantages of plate correction

The application of plates for aligning the teeth is a modern way to correct the bite. They have several indisputable advantages:

  • Ability to remove the plate while eating or brushing teeth
  • Possibility to make a colour plate and even a plate with a drawing
  • Plates are easy to care for
  • A gentle method of correction
  • Low cost

The procedure for application of the plates on the teeth

Before applying the plates, you need to be examined by the doctor, he will take the impression of your teeth, make control plaster models, and assess whether they fit the shape. Then the dental technician makes a plate that the patient will wear for the entire period of correction. The function of the plate is to repeat the relief of the gums and the contour of the teeth, and the metal arc in the area of the front teeth should fix the correct position of the plate.

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Plates for teeth alignment