Veneers are the layers of ceramics or composite resin material.

With help of such layers, you can restore the aesthetic appearance of your teeth: to give a beautiful colour and form to your teeth, as well as to protect them from any damages.

Suitability for the application of veneers

Veneers can help with the correction of the appearance of your teeth. The main indications for the use of such layers are:

  • Changes in the shape of teeth, both congenital and acquired;
  • Yellowing of tooth enamel as a result of harmful effects, such as smoking, excessive consumption of coffee and other drinks;
  • The presence of increased gaps between the teeth;
  • The presence of enamel defects (congenital and acquired), discoloration of the teeth (as a result of wearing braces or injuries).

Types of veneers

Ceramic veneers

The main advantages of ceramic layers are strength, durability, and ability to maintain the original colour. They allow simulating the appearance of the teeth maximally realistic. Ceramic veneers are made in the laboratory, after having taken the dental records of the teeth. Before it, the teeth are minimally sharpened. Temporary veneers are usually applied at the time of the fabrication of permanent ones.

Composite veneers

Application, as well as fabrication of such layers, is produced in one visit to the doctor. The procedure involves grinding the front tooth enamel and applying a composite resin material to the teeth. The service life of such veneers is from 3 to 5 years.

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Composite veneer application


Ceramic veneer application