Treatment of dental canals

One of the most common diseases of the dental canals is pulpitis, it is the inflammation of the soft tissue of the tooth in its cavity.

This disease is typical for patients and requires high-quality timely treatment. The main symptoms can be periodic or constant pain in the tooth area, bleeding, reaction to changes in the temperature of products.

Causes of pulpitis:

  • Complication of caries;
  • Infection from the carious cavity into the pulp;
  • Mechanical damage to the tooth;
  • Exposure to chemical irritants;
  • Infection that occurs in the gum due to dental calculus (tartar);
  • Pulp burn, possible if the tooth is overheated during the treatment.

В Types of the pulpitis:


This type is characterized by the rapid development of the disease and severe pain


It can develop for several months or even years. In this type of pulpitis, there is no aching severe pain, it may even be absent at all.

The beginning of the development of pulpitis can be indicated by quite weak pain sensations that appear at the time of eating sweet, as well as spicy or cold food. This pain is a symptom of the fact that the hard tissues of the tooth are damaged and no longer protect the nerve. If such a sign appears, you must consult a doctor: timely treatment of the tooth can prevent pulpitis.

The process of dental canal treatment

Any type of pulpitis should be treated. Initially, it is necessary to have a full examination to identify the form of the disease. Diagnostics is performed by examining the patient, recording the patient’s complaints, and performing X-rays. Only after these procedures, the doctor chooses a treatment method. This can be a surgical method – complete removal of pulp from the roots and crown, canal treatment, and filling of the canal and crown of the tooth. Or a conservative method of treatment that preserves the pulp. But this is only possible in the early period of the disease.

Prices for services in Denti Quality

Single-canal tooth
(mechanical and medical treatment of canals, filling of canals)


Two-canal tooth 
(mechanical and medical treatment of canals, filling of canals)


Three-canal tooth
(mechanical and medical treatment of canals, filling of canals)