Therapeutic dentistry

Therapeutic dentistry is aimed at preserving and improving teeth, and the most common problem is, of course, the treatment of caries.

Types of services

Treatment of caries

Caries is the destruction of dental tissue with the formation of a cavity. Caries occurs as a result of prolonged exposure to harmful substances on the enamel and dentin. These harmful substances are formed in the oral cavity under the influence of cariogenic bacteria, which are concentrated in the plaque on the teeth.

Treatment of dental canals (pulpitis)

One of the most common diseases of the dental canals is pulpitis, it is the inflammation of the soft tissue of the tooth in its cavity. This disease is typical for patients of all ages and requires high-quality timely treatment. The main symptoms can be a periodic or constant pain in the tooth area, bleeding, reaction to changes in the temperature of products.

Treatment of periodontitis

Periodontitis occurs when inflammation passes from the pulp to the tip of the dental root and surrounding tissues.
Previously, periodontitis was considered a clear indication for tooth extraction, but now modern doctors successfully treat it. In our clinic, thanks to professional specialists and equipment, even complex types of periodontitis are treated.

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