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“I’ve been afraid of dentists since childhood… Now I only go to the DentiQuality Clinic. I was treating my teeth with Armen and Inna, and I’ll tell you: these doctors from God are very kind and caring for patients and most importantly, during the treatment, you don’t feel anything at all. I’m very glad that I found you. You are very good doctors!”

Svetlana Dovgal
A student

“I live in Kazakhstan. For a long time, I chose a clinic for the installation of implants. I had a rather difficult situation. In my city, I could not find a normal specialist. I went to Spain and made an appointment with Armen Abajyan. I immediately realized that I want to make teeth here. Armen painted all the stages of the operation for me, and I realized that I could fly to Spain. Everything went perfectly, the teeth “took root” quickly. Now I am sending friends from Kazakhstan to Armen. Both relax and heal!”

Gabit Umirtaev
A businessman

“I put 4 zirconium implants in the DentiQuality Clinic. At the first meeting, Dr. Armen Abajyan told me very competently and phased how everything would schedule. He did not mind the time for me, we studied my X-ray together, he commented on everything in detail. I especially liked his explanation about saving the money during the treatment: where it’s possible and where it’s not worth saving. I have already met doctors trying to “cure” to the maximum, and as a result – an unexpected price tag. There is no such thing in the DentiQuality Clinic. I paid as much as it was originally calculated. I recommend the clinic to everyone and many thanks to the Armenian Abajyan.”

Victor Shevchenko
A tourism manager

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