Removable prosthetics

Removable prosthetics is one of the ways to restore the dentition and masticatory functions with partial or complete loss of teeth.

The application of removable dentures allows the patient to return a beautiful smile. Often people come to this type of prosthetics when the fixed is contraindicated or the patient does not want to apply implants, bridges, or crowns. A removable prosthesis can be removed from the patient’s mouth, as a rule, this happens when cleaning the oral cavity and the prosthesis itself; the rest of the time, it is not necessary to remove the prosthesis.

Types of removable dentures

Dentures can be attached to the palate or to the abutment teeth (in the presence of them), and you can also apply all abutment implants.

Removable prosthesis designs

Complete denture

This is a plate, most often made of acrylic. Artificial teeth are attached to it. The plate is attached to the hard palate and holds the prosthesis.

Partially removable denture

This is a thin metal arc. Artificial teeth are attached to it. Such a prosthesis is compact and durable. When chewing, the load is evenly distributed between the gums, jaw, and preserved teeth. To apply a partially removable denture, at least several own teeth are needed.

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