Perfect even teeth – is it a dream?

Perhaps, each of us dreams of perfectly even teeth and a beautiful smile. Violations of the dentition lead to discomfort and complexes, ranging from poor-quality chewing food, ending with an unwillingness to smile. Modern dentistry does not stand still and offers many effective methods to correct shortcomings. Let’s look at the main ways to become the owner of a chic smile and perfectly even teeth.

1. Apply brace systems or aligners.

You can align crooked teeth using modern removable and non-removable braces. They are applied for a period of six months to three years, depending on the task and type of braces. Modern dentistry offers both classic braces and more modern systems that are invisible when you smile. All of them are highly effective, and discomfort when wearing them is minimized. Aligners are transparent removable pads on the teeth that are almost invisible. By wearing braces, you can align tilted or twisted teeth, reduce large gaps between the teeth, and generally align the dentition.

2. Put veneers or crowns.

If the shape or colour of the tooth is impaired as a result of injury or negative effects, the problem can be solved by the application of crowns or veneers. These are modern methods of restoring the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. Veneers can adjust the shape and colour of your teeth, reduce interdental gaps, veneers, crowns, braces, aligners or implants – you can find and create the perfect smile of your dream. There are composite and ceramic veneers, their service life varies from 3 to 5 years. Composite veneers are applied in one visit to the dentist. Crowns are made a little longer and the entire application process takes 2-3 visits to the doctor. Modern dentists use metal-free crowns and metal-ceramic crowns. The most durable are considered zirconium crowns. In addition to creating the perfect dentition, veneers or crowns will help to protect your teeth from negative external influences.

3. Application of the implants.

In cases where the dentition has lost its beauty due to the loss of one or more teeth, an implant may be used. This will help to keep neighboring teeth healthy, avoid further deformation of the dentition, and aesthetic appearance. Implants can be ceramic or metal, and they can also be cylindrical or helical in shape. The process of application of the implant is about 2 hours, and the fusion with the bone tissue lasts 3-6 months. Then a crown is placed on the engrafted implant. Thanks to modern technologies, the entire procedure is painless.

In each specific situation, the doctor will advise you on an individual solution to the problem. What is right for you to create even teeth: veneers, crowns, braces, aligners, or implants – you can find out at the first free consultation with the chief doctor. Modern dentistry has a large arsenal to make your smile bright, radiant, and healthy!

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