Oral surgery

Tooth extraction is a procedure that is rarely performed in our clinic, because, first of all, the work of doctors is aimed at tooth-preserving dentistry.

It is relevant when the doctor is fully confident that other methods of treatment are meaningless and will not bring the desired result. In some situations, tooth extraction avoids serious consequences and complications.

Tooth extraction procedure

Modern dentistry involves the struggle to preserve the tooth, so there are such operations as:


The surgical method of removing the nidus of inflammation and infection together with the upper part of the tooth root, while maintaining the functions of the tooth.


This is an operation to remove one of the roots of a multi-root tooth together with the adjacent part of the crown.

Cyst removal

Eliminate the source of inflammation without tooth extraction.

If a decision is nevertheless made – to remove, then the procedure itself is painless due to modern anesthesia. The dentist selects the most suitable type of anesthesia in each case. If the patient is weakened as a result of severe pain, temperature, or swelling of the gums, the tooth can be removed under general anesthesia. In any case, the task of our specialists is to make the removal as comfortable and painless as possible. After tooth extraction, the gum is restored quite quickly, which makes it possible to quickly return to the usual life.

Causes of tooth extraction

As a rule, the patient applies for dentistry with acute pain, and exacerbation of chronic periodontitis is revealed after the detailed examination. Initially, the doctor takes attempts to eliminate the site of inflammation at the top of the tooth, but if this does not work, then the tooth must be removed.

  • Destruction of the ligament system (support of a tooth). 
  • Exacerbation of chronic periodontitis.
  • Incorrect tooth positioning.
  • Severe tooth deformation due to trauma or caries, without the possibility of recovery.

There are no definite contraindications to the tooth extraction, but a timely removal allows you to avoid serious complications.

Possible actions and recommendations after tooth extraction

After a painless tooth extraction and restoration of the gums, in order to prevent displacements of the dentition, the doctor may recommend the application of an implant. This procedure is better not to delay for a long time.

Also, after a tooth extraction, it is necessary to perform some procedures that will help to speed up the recovery process. 

  • After the removal operation, it is not recommended to consume hot food and drink within 3-4 hours.
  • It is not recommended to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth too often.
  • By the swelling, bad breath, or fever, you should consult your doctor again for an examination.

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Extraction of a permanent tooth 


Wisdom tooth extraction

100 – 250

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