Implantation is a modern and effective procedure for restoring lost teeth.

The specialists of our clinic will professionally select the appropriate type and method of implant application for your personal case. The procedure is painless, and the result pleases with the beauty and harmony of the dentition.

Implantation technology

Application of a special artificial implant (root) of an alloy of titanium (support).
The operation time is about 2 hours.
The conglutination time with natural bone is up to 6 months.
Crowns or dentures are attached to the new “root”, which replaces the lost tooth.

Types of dental implants

Implants can be classified according to several criteria, first of all, according to the material they are made of. In shape, the implants are divided into cylindrical and screw.

Titanium implants

At this stage, it is the most popular type of implant; titanium and its alloys are most often used as the metal. Titanium is characterized by high strength, absence of toxicity, and excellent biocompatibility with the body. Metal implants can also be divided into types, according to the amount of titanium content: new titanium, recycled titanium, or an alloy of titanium with impurities of other metals. Pure titanium implants are particularly strong, durable, and highly accurate.

Zirconium implants

One of the advantages of zirconium implants is their aesthetic appearance. They imitate natural teeth realistically. But they are inferior to titanium implants in terms of strength and biocompatibility with bone tissues of the oral cavity, which is why the choice of ceramic implants remains in question.

In our clinic, doctors use the highest quality materials only, so choosing an implant manufacturer, we prefer Nobel Biocare (Switzerland) and Sweden & Martina (Italy). These companies are leaders in the dental market and their products are of high quality, but the price is also not low. It is important when choosing an implant, you should not save, because the final result depends on its quality.

Each Nobel Biocare implant is coated with a unique TiUnitc material, due to TiUnitc the process of implantation into the bone tissue is much faster, because it is close to it in composition and structure. Nobel Biocare also has a special design that minimizes tissue trauma. All implants of this manufacturer have individual numbers, which eliminates the risk of a sham.

The surface of each implant by Sweden & Martina has a new generation ZirTi nano-structure and is specially treated to better stimulate bone growth on the implant surface. All implants of this manufacturer have also individual numbers, which eliminates the risk of a sham.

Indications for dental implants

Tooth implantation can be recommended to anyone who has lost one or more teeth. The causes of loss can be different: illness, injury, destruction.

As a result of the absence of a tooth, the volume of bone tissue in this place decreases over time. The implant, acting as an artificial tooth root, avoids deformation of the maxillofacial system. Before implantation, the doctor examines the oral cavity in detail and, in the absence of contraindications, applies the implant. Also, this procedure can be performed for all patients over 18 years of age, including old age, this is not a contraindication.

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