Professional oral hygiene is a complex of preventive measures aimed at preventing the occurrence and development of oral diseases.

Poor oral hygiene inevitably leads to the accumulation of bacteria and their toxins, which cause inflammatory processes, bad breath, and destroy the enamel of teeth. That is why it is so important to monitor hygiene and do the procedures described below from time to time.

Types of services

Ultrasonic cleaning

This is a modern gentle method of removing plaque, stone, and bacteria. Such cleaning is very important for the teeth and it is impossible to do it at home. Even with regular cleaning of teeth with the use of pastes, powders, and dental floss, calculus (tartar) appears over time.

Cleaning «Air Flow»

This is a method of professional teeth cleaning using a special device that works on the principle of a sandblaster and an air-water-powder mixture.

Laser teeth whitening

One of the most frequent reasons for our patients’ treatment is a change in the colour of their tooth enamel. This happens with age, due to smoking, drinking beverages with colouring substances, and excessive coffee consumption. Professional teeth whitening helps to solve this problem and restore freshness and beauty to your smile.

At the Denti Quality dental clinic, you can perform any procedures related to professional oral hygiene: ultrasonic teeth cleaning, laser bleaching, and Air Flow cleaning. Hygienic maintenance of implants is also very important: 1-2 times a year you need to remove the crown, clean it, as well as the implant itself.

Professional hygiene is effective prevention of caries and gum diseases, so these procedures should become regular.

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