Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a type of prosthesis for restoring a dentition where several teeth are missing.

Bridges are applied most often in the absence of 1-3 teeth, they are attached to the abutment teeth. The dental bridge looks like several connected crowns. The extreme crowns in the prosthesis are empty and put on natural teeth like caps, holding the prosthesis.

Types of dental bridges

Zirconia crowns

They are considered the most durable, also have a wonderfully natural appearance.

Ceramic-metal crowns

More affordable than zirconia crowns.

How is a dental bridge applied and removed?

Initially, the doctor prepares the abutment teeth, their treatment is carried out, if necessary. These teeth are ground so that crowns can later be worn on them. Then a jaw impression is made. According to it, doctors recreate the shape and colour of the teeth, selecting everything as closely as possible to the patient’s natural teeth. During the fabrication of the bridge, a temporary prosthesis is applied for the patient. Making a crown can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. The application of the bridge is done by an orthopedic dentist.

If it became necessary to remove the bridge, you should also consult an orthopedic surgeon who will carefully remove the prosthesis without damaging the abutment teeth. If the bridge was damaged or applied not firmly enough, you should also consult a doctor immediately.

If you need the application of a dental bridge, we are waiting for you at a free appointment with our head doctor!

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Bridge for each tooth (zirconia)


Bridge for each tooth (cermet)