Dental brace systems

Dental braces are devices that align and straighten teeth, it is one of the most common methods for bite correction.

Dental braces are devices that align and straighten the dentition.
The plates are fixed on the teeth, and the connecting arc carries out the correction. Braces wearing time can vary from six months to three years, depending on the case. The patient wears braces without removing, throughout the entire period.

Types of braces

Modern brace systems can be classified according to several parameters.

According to the materials of manufacture

Metal braces

Very effective, durable, affordable. They have a clear flaw – they are aesthetically unattractive.

Ceramic braces

Durable, effective. They have a beautiful appearance. The colour of such braces can be matched to the tone of the teeth, which makes them invisible. This type of system has two drawbacks – higher cost and large size.

According to the application method:

Vestibular systems

They are supposed to be locked to the front surfaces of the teeth. This is the easiest type of application, such braces are easy to maintain and cause less discomfort. But they are less attractive because they are visible in the process of talking or smiling.

Lingual systems

They are applied to the teeth from the inside, which makes them invisible. This type of braces is more difficult to apply and care.

According to the method of fixing the arc

Conventional brace systems

The arc is firmly connected to the locks using ligatures. A big force is used to correct the teeth in this case.

Self-ligating brace systems

These structures provide reliable fixation of the arc without blocking. There is less pressure exerted on the teeth, but the effect is not affected. Such structures are often used in modern clinics.

Advantages of brace systems

Correction of the dentition using braces has several significant advantages:

  • High efficiency
  • Short duration of treatment
  • Minimal discomfort due to modern systems

The process of application of brace systems

First of all the patient is examined by an orthodontist. The specialist determines the degree of deformation of the teeth and selects the appropriate type of brace system. A complete examination, X-rays, dental impressions of the jaws are also necessary.

Then the doctor applies the brace system and gives recommendations for its care, as well as makes a schedule of examinations and correction of the arc. The application procedure is completely painless and is performed in 1 session.

Rules of hygiene during the period of wearing braces

To achieve the maximum effect of wearing braces, you must follow some hygiene rules:

  • Brush your teeth for 5 minutes after each meal.
  • You must use special toothbrushes for braces: with V-shaped recesses, a single-stick brush with a thin bundle of bristles, a brush for interdental spaces.
  • It is recommended to exclude as much as possible hard foods, sugar, and caffeine.

Prices for services in Denti Quality

Application of the brace system

750 – 1300

Routine inspection