6 reasons to get veneers

Each of us dreams of a perfect smile, like a TV stars or favourite actors. But not everyone knows about the latest ways to achieve this goal! The perfect, beautiful smile is available to anyone. Veneers are a modern way to correct the colour and shape of your natural teeth. Veneers look like layers on your teeth. They are made of ceramic or composite materials. With veneers, you can not only restore the aesthetic appearance of your teeth but also protect them from various damages.

6 good reasons to put veneers:

  1. Veneers give the teeth the perfect colour that’s right exactly for a certain patient. As a rule, such colour is not obtained by natural methods.
  2. Veneers create a perfect shape. They can also be used to correct the increased gaps between the teeth.
  3. Layers on the teeth look as natural as possible.
  4. By the application of veneers, a minimal impact on your teeth is performed. The tooth is sharpened much less than when applying, for example, crowns.
  5. The procedure of application of veneers is quick and painless. Composite veneers are made especially quickly, in one visit to the doctor.
  6. Veneers will last you from 5 years or more, depending on their material.

The main reason to apply veneers is the ability to smile: openly, confidently, with pleasure, blinding everyone with your perfect teeth! During the appointment, the dentist will make an examination and recommend which type of veneers is right for you.

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